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Our Story

Our roots date back to 1995 when a gathering of three friends decided to quit their jobs and establish their own firm in Tehran. They called it Raad Taban, meaning ‘Luminous Thunder”. This group of young ambitious peoples’ goal was to tackle challenges in substation erection work in innovative ways. They all had broadened technical skillset to monitor and manage projects from start to end points. Their philosophy was to approach challenges with a multidisciplinary lens, which would give them a more holistic view to plan projects for more efficiency and impact.

In less than five years, Raad Taban gained private and public sectors’ trust in Iran to take over more than 15 projects in different cities simultaneously. This ambitious and hardworking group of people were known to deliver result in the fastest possible way with guaranteed quality.

In early 2001, Raad Taban expanded its business to overseas projects. Handling business outside of the home country and delivering results added to Raad Taban credibility and helped the team to build a reputation for trust and quality. Some of the countries on RaadTaban's portfolio are Afghanistan, Syria, Niger, and Armenia.

Today, drawing upon decades of experience, Raad Tabaan applies its strategy and learnings to complex projects. We peruse our original passion for tackling big challenges from a holistic perspective and delivering results efficiently. Our goal is to catalyze prosperity and abundance by bringing electricity to cities and villages around the world.